Subsequent author substitute in footnote?


I'm working with an adapted version of the "Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (German)" style.

Sometimes, I cite multiple works of the same author in one footnote. For the second work, I would like to substitute the author's surname with "ders." (meaning the same author in German).

For example: Müller, NJW 2019, 123; ders. NStZ 2019, 456.

Is that possible?

Many thanks!
  • Not automated, no. You can use suppress author and use "ders." as a prefix to get the footnote in this form, but obviously it won't update if you change its contents to, e.g. add another work by a different author.
  • Right, but that might actually be a feasible solution. Thanks!

    The only problem is that the "ders." should be italicised which I probably cannot set in the prefix field, correct? In that case I might have to put all the "ders." in italics at the point where I finished the thesis.
  • edited October 23, 2019
    Ok, I realised that it is possible to italicise the prefix using these html commands So I found a solution that works for me. Thank you @adamsmith!
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