"search for resolvers" gives out-of-date information

edited September 30, 2019
The registry used by the "search for resolvers" function (in Preferences -> Advanced) has been discontinued by OCLC and is returning stagnant, out-of-date results that can't be corrected by the institution.

I've found several references in the forum telling people that the information is drawn from the WorldCat Registry (http://www.worldcat.org/registry/Institutions), but that isn't the source for the http://worldcatlibraries.org/registry/lookup?IP=requestor lookup Zotero uses. I assume it was when those messages were written (2014, 2015, etc.), but it isn't now. I contacted OCLC to confirm that and to see if I could find a replacement URL, and they said that there isn't one.

My question to OCLC was "Is there an API for searching the WorldCat Registry programmatically, analogous to the old OpenURL registry's http://worldcatlibraries.org/registry/lookup?IP=requestor? I'm specifically looking for the OpenURL resolver information and need results in XML (or possibly JSON or another parsable format)." After some internal consultation, the answer I got back was that they had "confirmed that OCLC does not does not offer what you need via the newer WorldCat Registry API".

I'm not sure when the old API stopped reflecting changes made to the WorldCat Registry, but I know my institution updated our library name there in November or December, and it isn't reflected. So it's been at least that long.
  • Hmm, that's too bad — thanks for investigating.

    So then I suppose we should 1) remove http://worldcatlibraries.org/registry/gateway as the default resolver, 2) remove the "Search for resolvers" button, 3) add a link to the OpenURL resolvers wiki page from that prefs section, and 4) show an alert with a link to that page if you try to use Library Lookup without a resolver entered.
  • Perhaps this might also be a good time to implement a general way to add Lookup engines other than manually editing engines.json?
  • @howelll (or anyone else who knows): Do they still give you a place to enter your OpenURL resolver info and authorized IP ranges? Is there any public documentation of this deprecation? It's a bit odd that both the Gateway and the Registry API are still up and running, and there are even still pages that mention Zotero's use of these services on their site.

    Registry search API aside, is there really no replacement for the Gateway?
  • We still need to do something here if the current gateway is deprecated. We can make the changes I suggest above, but I'd like to make sure there's not a better option.

    If anyone reading this manages their institution's WorldCat entry, I'm still curious whether there's a place to enter your OpenURL resolver and authorized IP ranges in the current interface.
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