Zotfile - How to "relink" attached PDFs with Zotero files?

Hi there,

my problem might be trivial - but I´m seriously struggling, so I really hope for helpfull thoughts!

I`ve been using Zotero and Zotfile to sync the pdf-attachments of my Zotero files on my OneDrive folder - everything worked out quite well!! (Thanks to the team for the great work, the helpfull plugin and the good online explanations!!)

Last week my laptop broke down. When setting up the "new" one (its actually an old left over one from the office), I reinstalled Zotero and Zotfile and synchronized everything to my online storage. This worked out - I got all my files with the attached links. But apparently all the saved links to the attached pdf are now incorrect... (Maybe because my microsoft user name is now different?! Ore the OneDrive file structure changed?) Thus, I´m getting the message "Attached file could not be found. It may have been moved or deleted." So, I still have the Onedrive folder with all the saved attachments but am now struggling to reconnect them to their original Zotero items. I hope I could make it clear...
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

Thanks everyone for reading! Any helpfull idea is greatly appreciated!
  • You can fix the paths in batch with the Zutilo plugin.

    The way to avoid it going forward is to make sure you've set the Linked Attachment Base Directory in the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences. That will cause Zotero to store all linked file paths relative to the path you set, so that if you, say, move to another computer where the path is different, you simply need to update that setting and the relative paths will still work.
  • Thanks for your reply!!
    And the relative file path setting it was!
    Apparently I had to update this setting, cause the OneDrive path somehow changed... Everything is fine again! Thank you so much!
  • Just found this. Thank you.

    Zutilo is amazing!
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