Changing data directory to point to cloud drive

  • I have installed the Pcloud desktop app. After everything is uploaded to the server, can I change the "data directory location" to point to the zotero folder in the Pcloud drive in my computer? Right now, it is pointing to the old location in my computer.
  • No, absolutely not. The Zotero data directory can't be in a cloud storage folder or you'll corrupt your database.
  • And note that the data directory location doesn't really have anything to do with file syncing. If you set up WebDAV, that just means your attached files have synced. It doesn't have any implications for your data directory itself.
  • Thanks a lot. One follow up question. What if I need to install Zotero in two different computers and keep the data files updated on both computers? Please advise.
  • Got it, thanks.
    However, another problem has surfaced.

    It works in my desktop, but it does not work when trying to set up Zotero in my laptop.
  • Does it work if you take the :443 out of the URL?

    (Also note that, while it doesn't really matter, you now have all your Zotero data directory files in that WebDAV directory, and they shouldn't be there. Assuming your data directory is now on your local hard drive, you should delete everything in the WebDAV directory except for the .prop and .zip files and the lastsync.txt file.)
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