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Hello -
I was having an issue with PDFs syncing with an institutional license for storage. Some description of this is here from someone else here (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/79010/institutional-storage-syncing-problems#latest).

I thought maybe the issue was with my own database that has in part been synced in the past and then I was doing my own thing a bit. To attempt to fix it, I tried to reset the sync by overwriting the Zotero data with my local data. Now I am getting a sync error (report ID below) that tells me the time stamp on attachments modified is off (at least I think that is what it means - attachmentcyncedmodificationtime). I am wondering if this is an issue with Zotfile at all?

Not sure how to recreate it as I am not sure what the issue is, but I have described what I think to be the context for it all.

Report ID: 2127665216

  • The reset options really aren't for troubleshooting, as it warns in that pane, and can cause additional problems.

    Are you still getting an error? If so, we'd want to see a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces the error.
  • I suppose it could be considered troubleshooting, but I thought this may fix it as I had files locally that were not available within my own account through zotero.org. Because of that, I thought there was a sync problem and overwriting with the local data would fix it. Maybe it at least uncovered the/a problem though...

    I am. Debug ID is D1677261997.
  • Can you install the latest Zotero beta and generate another Debug ID with that?

    Also, you're getting a conflict before this occurs, right? How many items are in conflict?
  • Yep - Debug ID: D629058085

    Yep, just before I get the error notification next to the sync button there is a conflict notification with 143 conflicts. I went through all of them and it looks to me like the file it is flagging is identical in the local version and the remote version (as far as I can tell from the Zotero window). Even the data and time of modification for the local and remote versions match.
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    Sorry, that's actually from an earlier beta — maybe the necessary beta hadn't been built properly when you tried. Can you upgrade to the latest (via Help → Check for Updates) and generate another Debug ID?
  • Alright, new Debug ID: D1602623602!
  • Thanks. I'm afraid we need a bit more logging. Could you update to the latest beta (r4) and generate another?
  • Sorry, just noticed this note. New Debug ID: D1071343649.
  • OK, can you download the Zotero beta and see if that fixes it for you?

    For good measure, make sure you have a backup of your Zotero data directory (which hopefully you have anyway).
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