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Hello -
I was having an issue with PDFs syncing with an institutional license for storage. Some description of this is here from someone else here (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/79010/institutional-storage-syncing-problems#latest).

I thought maybe the issue was with my own database that has in part been synced in the past and then I was doing my own thing a bit. To attempt to fix it, I tried to reset the sync by overwriting the Zotero data with my local data. Now I am getting a sync error (report ID below) that tells me the time stamp on attachments modified is off (at least I think that is what it means - attachmentcyncedmodificationtime). I am wondering if this is an issue with Zotfile at all?

Not sure how to recreate it as I am not sure what the issue is, but I have described what I think to be the context for it all.

Report ID: 2127665216

  • The reset options really aren't for troubleshooting, as it warns in that pane, and can cause additional problems.

    Are you still getting an error? If so, we'd want to see a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces the error.
  • I suppose it could be considered troubleshooting, but I thought this may fix it as I had files locally that were not available within my own account through zotero.org. Because of that, I thought there was a sync problem and overwriting with the local data would fix it. Maybe it at least uncovered the/a problem though...

    I am. Debug ID is D1677261997.
  • Can you install the latest Zotero beta and generate another Debug ID with that?

    Also, you're getting a conflict before this occurs, right? How many items are in conflict?
  • Yep - Debug ID: D629058085

    Yep, just before I get the error notification next to the sync button there is a conflict notification with 143 conflicts. I went through all of them and it looks to me like the file it is flagging is identical in the local version and the remote version (as far as I can tell from the Zotero window). Even the data and time of modification for the local and remote versions match.
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    Sorry, that's actually from an earlier beta — maybe the necessary beta hadn't been built properly when you tried. Can you upgrade to the latest (via Help → Check for Updates) and generate another Debug ID?
  • Alright, new Debug ID: D1602623602!
  • Thanks. I'm afraid we need a bit more logging. Could you update to the latest beta (r4) and generate another?
  • Sorry, just noticed this note. New Debug ID: D1071343649.
  • OK, can you download the Zotero beta and see if that fixes it for you?

    For good measure, make sure you have a backup of your Zotero data directory (which hopefully you have anyway).
  • Alright - Different outcome, so maybe progress.

    Got the same conflict message about local and remote files (same 143 flags). I chose local for all, attempted to sync and then it flag all the same 143 files again. Tried local again, same outcome. Tried remote to see if it would sync and sync ended in an error. The Error Report ID (just submitted) is: 694142588. The "XMLHttpRequest has timed out after undefinedms"
  • We'd need another Debug ID for the sync attempt, not a Report ID.
  • Alright. I just updated to the current beta (10 it looks like) and replicated steps above (sycn, conflicts, use the local; sync, conflicts, use local again; sync, conflicts, use remote; error). This time the error was different though: "too many file sync attempts for library 1".

    Debug ID: D1919371755
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    You should just make a backup of your Zotero data directory and then choose the remote versions. If you've made changes to files locally, you can replace those manually from the backup.

    The reset you did put things into a very complicated state, and it's just not worth debugging further at this time, since this isn't something that should happen in normal usage. If we can reproduce this state locally we'll try to fix it, but trying to debug this remotely isn't worthwhile.
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