Institutional Storage Syncing Problems

Hi Everyone,

I work at an institution that recently purchased Institutional storage for our campus. We're only a few weeks into this awesome service and I have a few users that are having difficulties specifically with group library files syncing so that their lab groups can access the PDFs that are uploaded into the group. I'm now noticing this is happening in my own personal library as well. Some of the files are uploaded and accessible and others are not syncing (even when using the sync button to manually make it sync, all settings for syncing are set to manual, file sharing is turned on for group libraries).

Anyone else have this problem? Do I need to have all of my faculty/staff/students reset their library sharing? Is this an ongoing issue? Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!
  • If you and your users are not getting a storage quota error, this doesn't really involve your institutional subscription.

    This is not a general problem, and you shouldn't advise users to reset anything unless you know what's causing the problem.

    There are a number of reasons users would not see files uploaded, and probably different users are seeing different ones.
    - The file may not be present on the computer you're syncing because that's not where you saved it originally.
    - Files may not be enabled for the group itself (in the group settings, not on the client side).
    - The user may not have access to edit files in the group.
    - any of the problems in

    If users are getting storage quota errors, note that storage for groups count only against the user that owns the group. It does not draw from the storage of the user uploading the file, so if a user outside your institution, or that hasn't added their institutional email address to their Zotero account, owns the group then it may not have unlimited storage available.

    For your personal library, if your sync is completing successfully and a file isn't uploaded, you should make sure your sync preferences are set to sync files using Zotero storage for your personal library, and that the files are actually present on the computer you're syncing from.
    It sounds like you've already gone through most of but if all your files still aren't syncing then we'd need the Debug ID to debug further.
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