"Follow" function removed?


I have used the "follower" function to create Zotero groups for my courses in past semesters, but cannot find it this fall. Is it gone? If so, are there any recommendations for locating my students' accounts in order to add them to groups? I used to just ask them to follow me, and then click through them and invite them to join the group, but no one (including me) can find the follow button anymore.

  • This would generally be done by either inviting them to the group via email address, or making the group a Public Closed group which you can then link them to and they can apply to join.
  • Thank you. I used the group e-mail function to invite people since I have the students' e-mail addresses, so hopefully that will work. I would still love to know whether the "follow" function has been removed.
  • There is a Feed option which RSS allows for others to follow a group without needing to join. https://www.zotero.org/support/feeds
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