Installing Zotero for Mac-Catalina

I wanted/need to use Zotero for my research but when I attempted to use Zotero I got the message that 'Zotero can't b opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated connect the developer for more information.'

So, I am asking, what gives? Is anyone looking at how to run this program on Catalina? If so, what is the status?
  • Catalina is still in beta, and I'd strongly discourage you from using beta software — particularly OS releases — without fully understanding the specific implications of the beta period in question.

    In this case, Catalina introduces a new app notarization scheme that requires apps to be submitted to Apple before distribution, along with various technical changes before that can be done. Supporting this required major under-the-hood changes in Zotero. We've been working on those, and we'll have a compatible release out before Catalina is released later this month, as well as a beta release sooner.

    In the meantime, you can open the current version of Zotero the same way that you would open any other program that doesn't pass Gatekeeper — by right-clicking and selecting Open after you first install it.

    But while that's perfectly safe for running the current Zotero version in Catalina, that's not something you should do if you don't fully understand the implications that running unidentified software has for your computer's security.
  • I downloaded and reinstalled the current version. I opened System Preferences>Security & Privacy and clicked to allow Zotero to 'run anyway' and got it to run after one more message.
    I realise that betas can be 'hazardous' to run. However, after participating in now three betas, I've never had an issue with running older software until Catalina. That said, most everything I need works without issue.
    Looking forward to the Zotero update for Safari!
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