Standalone Notes 'Title' Search

As far as I know, standalone notes don't have a title, what is shown as such is just their first line.

Most of the times I use "Title, Creator, Year" search option, so Standalone notes are excluded there by default.

Would it be possible to use their first line as title when doing a search? [i.e. searching on first lines also when performing a "Title, Creator, Year" search option]. "All fields & tags" sometimes gives me too many irrelevant results when I'm searching a note.

Thank you.
  • That's reasonable, but "Title, Creator, Year" is designed to be limited to top-level items, so that it can serve as a way to search without expanding items. Including the first line of notes would break that.
  • Yes. Actually, the idea would be to limit that feature to search only standalone notes (as they are, in most senses if not all, top-level items). Expanding items after searching child notes titles was not what I had in mind.

    The reason I was asking... I don't know if it's a common situation, but I always feel awkward when I use zotero and another app for notes, switching constantly between them... Title search would make Zotero a great note taking app. I think that could simplify enormously the workflow for many of us.

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