Changing browser "save" button

To start with, I love zotero and have been using it happily for years - so this is a small comment (I don't want to seem ungrateful).

I find the changing "save" button (from text, to PDF, to folder) on the browser frustrating. Each time I go to use it, I have to think about it and check it before I click ("Is this the zotero button?"). Otherwise, I muddle the ever-changing zotero save button with all the other buttons on my browser.

I miss the Z button. So, how about giving me the choice to NOT have a changing button, and only have the Z button? That would make me even happier. ;-)

Thanks for all the excellent work, and please excuse the minor moan.

  • There has never been a Z button to save. The Save to Zotero button has always been changing (The Z button in Firefox used to open Zotero). Since it provides crucial feedback on what Zotero is going to do exactly, I don't think we'll want to adjust or pref the behavior of the button, sorry.
  • I don't have a problem with the Zotero connector icons. But having some component that remains the same across the various icons might help with the connector's recognizability. This could especially help new users and users with a larger number of browser buttons. How about a small "Z" in the lower right corner of all icons?
  • Thanks Adam, my memory is faulty!

    But... I love qqbb's suggestion. Meets everyone's needs!
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