Changing to Bookends as a reference manager

Hi, I've been using Zotero for a while, but need to migrate to Bookends for better integration into Mellel. Is there a way to export Word documents, which have citations created using Zotero Word plug-in, in such a way that Bookends will recognise them, and I will be able to edit the citations (in Word) using bookends? Is there a way to get Zotero to produce citations that a Bookends scan will recognise, for instance?
Sorry to be asking a 'leaving Zotero' question - I love this software, just wish it had better Mellel/Scrivener integration.
  • Those would be questions for Bookends, I'm afraid.
  • Thanks, I'll ask at that end also
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    Better Scrivener integration would be easy to do (for markdown documents at least) if L&L actually cared enough about it to allow us to build it. The hold up is on their end, but if you ask on their forums, you're likely to get a scolding by Scrivener loyalists that things are The Way They Should Be.
  • I love scrivener but there are now many copy cat programs that meet the same goals. I love Zotero it saved my sanity during my masters.

    Literature and Latte really do not seem to care. Every time I look on their message boards I see exactly what you are saying. People scoffing at the idea that their software cant be perfected. That scrivener referencing is quite frankly shambolic, ugly and difficult.

    I also get the impression that they look down on windows users as windows peasants.
  • What kind of copycats? Color me interested.


    Organon looked promising but didn't work for me, Manuskript also looked great but I think it still needs more work. It seems that every writing tool I have come across, which does look great and has a lot of the same features as scrivener, seems to be Apple-based.
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