How to trigger a checkup for retracted items

The feature for retracted paper is so nice! Thanks so much for having implemented it!

Two days ago, I added 2 items from the retraction watch database chosen at random. I couldn't get the warning mentioned on this page:
This morning when I started Zotero, I got a red banner on the top side notifying me that there was one item in my DB that was retracted. I now have the warning for this item but not the second one.
To get the warning on the second item, I tried to sync, to enable/disable "extensions.zotero.retractions.enabled in Config Editor, close/restart zotero, but without success.
I made sure that the DOI in the DOI field is correct.

So I wonder : how often does zotero parse my database ? Is it done automatically only at startup, or every time my dB is synced? Is there a way I can trigger the checkup for retracted items?

DOI for the retracted item with the warning: 10.1007/s10620-012-2108-5
DOI for the retracted item with no warning: 10.1177/2380084419830957
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    how often does zotero parse my database ?
    It happens automatically whenever you add or modify an item.

    The retraction data isn't necessarily immediately available, though. The journal has to retract it, and then Retraction Watch needs to add it to their DB, and then RW needs to provide the new data to us, and then your Zotero client needs to get updates. The last part currently happens once a day, but we should be able to get that down to a few minutes in a future version.

    As you can see on, 10.1177/2380084419830957 has an expression of concern, not a retraction. We currently only receive retractions from RW, not corrections or expressions of concern. I'm not sure if there's a good reason for that, but we'll check with RW.
  • Talking with researchers focused on error detection, they have found that expression of concern is often used as essentially a soft retraction. It would be nice if some notice of expressions of concern were given.
  • Ok, this is working as expect when I carefully choose the items in

    Just for the records, I didn't get the warning for these items:
    ● ISBN: 978-3-7091-0387-6 978-3-7091-0388-3 (no DOI in the DOI field but in Exra there was: DOI: 10.1007/978-3-7091-0388-3_10 )
    ● 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-05-2645
    ● 10.1016/j.talanta.2017.08.043

    Also I second bwiernik's proposition
  • Somewhat related question: is there a way to flag a paper that has been retracted, but that is not marked as retracted? (either through zotero, or through the third-party database from which zotero pulls the relevant data)
  • If you think something is missing in the Retraction Watch database, you can report it to them. Zotero will pick up any changes. (Note that Zotero still only shows actual retractions, not expressions of concern.)
  • I don't see any way to report retractions on any of their websites, but I understand that it's on them, not on the zotero team. Thanks for helping anyway!
  • They have a google form to report missing retractions, linked to from the database user guide:
  • Thanks, I totally missed it!
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