openToPage support for Sumatra PDF

With Sumatra PDF as the default pdf viewer in Windows, zotero://open-pdf currently does not open a specific page, but instead always shows the first page. If I set Adobe Acrobat or PDF-XChange as default pdf viewers, I do not have this problem, i.e. zotero://open-pdf/0_ABCD/5 will open page 5. Sumatra PDF uses a different command line syntax; a specific page can be opened with:

SumatraPDF.exe -page 5 filename.pdf

It would be great if you could integrate Sumatra PDF into Zotero's openToPage function!

From I understand that zotero://open-pdf is now native to Zotero. I'm using ZotFile, so in case ZotFile has not yet removed zotero://open-pdf support, the issue above might also pertain to ZotFile.

Let me thank the Zotero developers for their work. Zotero is a great tool, especially in combination with ZotFile, Zutilo, Better BibTex!
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