Report ID: 1469500422 - Zotero updated, Word plugin not functioning

I restarted Zotero and it automatically updated to 5.0.67. (Mac OSX 10.13.6; Word for Mac 2011)

Now I get errors when I try to insert a new citation or edit an existing citation. It happens in a new document (or old document).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Word with new document
2. Click "Insert citation"
3. Select citation style (for example, APA)
4. Window pops up Replace this Zotero field?
Note: there are no existing fields in the document! This happens anywhere I try to insert a citation.

5. Click OK
6. The red pop-up opens
7. Select any citation of my choice
8. Press enter to insert citation
9. Error message: Zotero experienced an error updating your document

With an existing citation, it works as expected until the same as step #9 above, with the error message instead of updating the citation.
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