Back up Zotero library

I'm trying to back up my Zotero library but these instructions don't help me since the window that opens on my computer has no option for "moving up a level in the file directory". I'm using a Swedish version of Zotero so maybe that has something to do with it, but there is no equivalent option in Swedish either.

Is there another way to do it? I want to back up my entire library and save it in a folder.
  • "moving up a level in the file directory" has nothing to do with Zotero, it is a command of the Windows Explorer. Are you on Windows?
  • Assuming Windows, you can use alt + the up arrow for this, for example. In W10 there's an upward pointing arrow in File Explorer at the top left.
    This works similarly on Mac and gnome-based Linux distros.
  • I did that, but even in the higher level there is no Zotero library folder as described in the guide.
  • When you show the data folder via the preferences, what are some of the files you see?
  • "locate", "storage", "styles", "tmp", and "translators"
  • OK, you want to back up exactly that folder containing those subfolders/files. Unless you're using a custom data directory, it's going to be called "zotero".

    You'd typically be able to see -- and even click on to navigate to -- the folder you're currently in at the top of your File Explorer/Finder/etc. window.
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