You must place the cursor in a Zotero citation to edit it

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  • Hi,
    I'm writing my thesis and using Zotero to add citations.Till now it was
    going fine but I did a small change in one of the references from zotero
    list and after that unable to add the citation. Whenever I click on add
    citation option it says- "YOU MUST PLACE THE CURSOR IN A ZOTERO CITATION
    TO EDIT IT". Even after removing the modified reference from the list I'm
    facing the same problem and unable to proceed further. Please let me know
    how to resolve this problem.
  • (Please start new threads for new issues. The thread you posted to is about something completely unrelated. I've moved this to a separate thread.)

    See Debugging Broken Documents.
  • @imtiazz: Where is your cursor when you're getting this error, though? You shouldn't get this unless your cursor is within a bibliography or a broken "{Citation}" field.
  • In word file when you click on Zotero on the top, on the extreme left side " add/edit citation option comes. whenever I click on that it says "YOU MUST PLACE THE CURSOR IN A ZOTERO CITATION TO EDIT IT".
  • Right, but where is your cursor in the document when you're doing that?
  • The cursor is immediately after the text where the citation has to be added.
  • Unless this also happens in a completely new document, there's likely still part of field at that cursor position that you need to delete. It may help to temporarily toggle Word field codes.
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