No way to report bug: zotero 5.0.66 does not terminate

zotero 5.0.66 does NOT terminate (Debian stretch 4.9.88).

'File -> Quit' closes the window but leaves the process running. It must be killed by hand or zotero cannot be restarted.

This is a new bug that started after zotero updated itself.

This cannot be reported using 'Help -> Report Error' since the error occurs after the Zotero window is closed.

There appears to be no place on the Zotero website to report bugs. There should be.
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    (These forums are the way to report bugs and get help with Zotero.)

    How did you install Zotero on your system? Using the tarball available from or another source/method?
  • I installed Zotero using the Debian package.
  • Generally the tarball is the only officially supported version of Zotero but I'm a bit surprised you can be on 5.0.66 with the distributed debian package (which was only updated to afaik), so could you specify which debian package from where?
  • You're right. I had, in fact, installed from the tarball, in 2018-10.

    Everything was working correctly until I launched Zotero this morning. It displayed a message indicating that it needed to be updated - I clicked a button to do so. I have not reinstalled from the tarball since last October. Do I need to do that?
  • After installing from the tarball, Zotero should update automatically.
  • And the failure to quite is replicable, yes? You have to force quite/kill Zotero every time you start it?
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