How to prevent automatic attachment of "comments"

Sometimes when I "Add item(s) by identifier", Zotero will automatically attach a "Comment" file.

For example, if I "Add item" 1902.08438, Zotero will automatically attach the note file
"Comment: The first two authors contributed equally"

I've tried toggling all "Automatically...." settings in preferences, but Zotero always adds the comments.

How can I disable the automatic attachment of "Comment:" notes and other automatic files?
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    What citation style are you using? Is the comment statement in a note or did you enter it in the Extra field?
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    DWL: This isn't about citations — it's about a note being attached to the item when entering an arXiv ID into Add Item by Identifier. The text comes from the "Comments:" field on arXiv pages. The arXiv translator has added those as notes for many years.

    @evdcush: There's no way to turn this off other than by modifying the arXiv translator, but we could consider removing this behavior. I'm not that familiar with what goes in these comments, but the ones in our test cases and your example don't seem particularly valuable, and you could always view them by clicking back to the page.
  • This isn't about citations -- it's an automatically attached note. You can't turn it off, I'm afraid. It's in the imported metadata for the identifier as a note.
  • Thank you all for the follow-ups.

    @dstillman : Is there anyway I can modify the arXiv translator locally? I think this behaviour should be removed. As you mentioned, they are not particularly valuable.

    Every note comment that has been automatically attached (sometimes more than one) has been just spam I have to manually delete. It's the reason why I do not add more than one arXiv ID at a time.

    Some other examples:
    "Comment: 18 pages, 19 figures"
    "Comment: 13 pages"
    "Comment: v3: Update trained-from-scratch results in COCO to 41.0AP."
    "Comment: Files to help replicate the results reported here are available on Github"
    "Comment: In NeurIPS'18"
    "Comment: Tech Report"
    "Comment: Code and data have been released"
    "Comment: Changed formatting from ICML workshop to ICLR. We added additional resnet ablation studies, hinge loss, and an empirical comparison between KID and FID"
    "Comment: updated tables and references"
    "Comment: 15 pages; fixed typo in abstract"

    Not one of these provides information I need preserved as an attached note. Most of them sound like git commit messages (not particularly expressive ones at that).

    The only attached comment I thought had potential relevance was a comment with a direct link to the paper code on github--but even that was available in the paper as well.
  • @adamsmith: Any objection to removing this?
  • I don't have an opinion either way, but this was done based on another user's request:

    I don't know how many people would be interest, e.g., in the "submitted to/accepted by" comments that are often included in there, but seems at least potentially relevant. Similarly, the fact that data are released/available, as included in some of the comments above, seems potentially quite useful.
    Some of the other comments clearly less so.
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    Please add an option to prevent automatic attachment of such notes (for every imported item, not only from arxiv). Also, if possible, please add a context menu option to delete attached notes from selected files.

    In the way I use Zotero, I reserve the notes for my personal notes. As with @evdcush, these automatic comments are "just spam I have to manually delete", which is tedious.
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