Citations inside citations / LibreOffice 6.2

Recently since I've upgraded my LibreOffice to version 6.2 on Ubuntu 18.04, I am getting intermittent errors where Zotero picks up text typed in front of the citations and assumes it is modification of that citation. It then requests to erase these changes and replaces the citation with something like this: "(Edmonds 2010(Edmonds 2010))" also erasing the text before the citation.

I have ensured that both Zotero and the extension are consistent (i.e. extension is injected into LibreOffice by Zotero itself). Zotero version is 5.0.62, and the extension is 5.0.14.

  • Do you use referencemarks or fields?
  • Are your citations stored as ReferenceMarks or Bookmarks (check in document preferences)? Bookmarks tend to get corrupted more easily and unless you are collaborating on the doc with Word users you should use ReferenceMarks.
  • Yes, these are bookmarks as I work with both Libre Office and Word on the two platforms.
  • I wonder if the culprit was a change management system?
  • Right, so bookmarks are a bit brittle, and typing on the border of citation might extend it by accident. Your best bet in the case of corrupted document is to change the document to reference marks and back to bookmarks and if it doesn't help follow the debugging broken documents steps.
  • Thanks @adomasven I am now convinced its was the change tracking which broke the citations. I have managed to fix the document by cutting whole paragraphs with bad citations out, placing them out as text, refreshing the Zotero references, and then pasting the plain text and manually reinserting the citations. In the past the fields were not compatible between LibreOffice and Word, this is why I used these bookmarks.
  • They're still not compatible so you'd have to either move away from using LO and Word in a single project or stick with Bookmarks, but I would tend to say that combining Bookmarks, Word and LO on a project, and Track Changes is probably going to cause something like this to happen with some frequency.
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