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edited March 6, 2019

I was working on a document using bookmarks, for sharing between Word and LibreOffice. I understand there might be errors if accidentally modified. While generating the bibliography, I noticed two kinds of unexpected behavior:
1) a popup asking if I would like to keep or discard a manual change made to a citation in a place there was but not anymore (after a cut/copy for example),
2) a reference to a deleted citation after a first creation/refresh of the bibliography

After digging a little, I was able to display bookmarks and found two types of bookmarks:

-ZOTERO_BREF_* I guess created when the citation is inserted and the reference bookmark,

-__UnoMark__*_* I guess generated when the bibliography is created/refreshed or when the document is opened, and possibly duplicated by each refresh or opening.

Working on a copy, I deleted all the __UnoMark__*_* to have a document as clean as possible, and there was no error anymore. I noticed while deleting that some bookmarks were still pointing to a location with no citation (either moved or removed.)

I guess it is normal behavior, I am just wondering if it is mandatory to have all those bookmarks generated, which can reach more than a dozen for the same citation. And if there is any mechanism to clean duplicates.

  • Last time I looked into this the __UnoMark__*_* bookmarks were being created created/duplicated by LO on save or reopen, not by Zotero itself and really just a bug of LibreOffice implementation. Saving the document as .doc instead of .docx might fix this.

    The ZOTERO_BREF citations are used to store citation field codes although I imagine they could get orphaned when editing. Once again, that's more on LO than on Zotero.

    In our plugins we assume that word processors return uncorrupt information and dabbling with it even if we could detect some word processor created orphanage/corruption is out of our scope if our functionality is not compromised under normal usage.
  • @adomasven Thank you for the clarification. It is not really a problem for me as I can clean the useless bookmarks. I was just wondering why such a behavior. If this is coming from LibreOffice, let's close this discussion. Thank you again.
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