Contacting Administrators for Questions (Anthologies)

I am curious how we can reach the administrators of Zotero to ask them questions that will not tie up the group's resources. For example, I have a question about Zotero's ability to have notes appended to the automatic references. When I searched for "anthology" in the discussion section, I found one in which a user appeared to be dismayed with the functionality; and, an administrator by the name of @adamsmith pointed out that we do not want to use this discussion board for complaints; and, I absolutely appreciate that.

Having said this, I still have a question about the ability to have Zotero append information to one of my references that is a section of an anthology. I am using the guidelines for APA citation of anthologies provided at, and I am trying to figure out how to have my reference automatically append the portion with the parentheses and the original publication date. My thinking is that this may be possible, but I have not yet figured out how to do this.

Please forgive me if this question is not placed in the proper location. I am new to this discussion forum; but, I am willing to learn if you will direct me to where I should more properly address my questions. Thank you.

G. "Deak" Lundlee
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    I think you misinterpreted what I wrote: It's perfectly fine to ask for help if you can't get Zotero to do what you need it to and suggest ways to improve Zotero if that's indeed not possible. All we ask is that people use common courtesy when doing so and don't go on long rants to complain about a feature that's missing.

    For your specific question, Zotero doesn't have a field for orginal date of publication right now, but you can enter it in the Extra field as original-date: 1900 and APA style should output the citation correctly.
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