Mass delete Amazon / Google Book URLs from 'Library Catalog' field

If I save a book from Amazon or Google Books into Zotero it keeps the URL, then inserts it into the citation / bibliography. That seems unnecessary and looks awful, even unprofessional.

In the past I've deleted these manually, citation by citation, but still have a long list of saved items of this kind. I'd rather not have to double check every article I write, or go through citation by citation to remove these links.

Hence my question: is there a way to bulk delete URLs from that field? Or perhaps another way (keyword?) to get rid of this information?

Any help much appreciated! I've searched for previous discussions on this, but if I'm missing something then please just link away.
  • Which citation style are you using? And do you mean the URL field or the library catalog field? I'm a bit confused what's going on because what you describe shouldn't happen (and doesn't for me)-- so maybe add a sample citation that you're unhappy with.

    (The answer to your immediate question is that there isn't an easy way to bulk delete information; there _is_ a way, but it's relatively involved)
  • Thanks for your reply and sorry about my delay. I'm using Chicago full note, which displays the Amazon/Google links in the bibliography. I vaguely remember (but could be misremembering) a style that displayed this information in the footnote too.

    Here's an example copy pasted from a bibliography:
    Lemov, Rebecca. World as Laboratory: Experiments with Mice, Mazes, and Men. Hill and Wang, 2005.

    When I go to that citation in Zotero it says (correctly) that the item type is a book; this link is in the URL field. Any tips appreciated. I've had this problem for years, although when I now try to insert google book derived citations they don't seem to show as they used to, so I'm not sure if that was a particular style or something has changed.

    Somehow turning off urls for all books could be one solution, but I'm not sure how easy that is in reality.

    Thanks again, much appreciated.

  • These must have been imported ages ago -- books from either amazon or google haven't imported into the URL field for years.

    How many items are we talking about -- the basic instructions for batch editing are here:

    we can help with details, but if you find this super intimidating (which would be completely understandable) this may not be the way to go.

    It's possible to remove URLs for books from citation styles, especially for Chicago style that, too, is a bit involved and it breaks the style for books that are actually online at a URL such as free ebooks.
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