How to add notes to citations

This discussion was created from comments split from: Zotero tool bar for Microsoft 365? (Mac OSX 10.12.3).
  • I am working in this environment and the citations work well. I cannot see how to add a note or a simple reference to a website without creating a Zotero file. Is there a way to add in notes amidst a large series of citations?
  • What style are you using? For websites, you really should import the item as a Webpage item to Zotero and cite that. Narrative notes depend on the style you are using (though note that I would generally recommend avoiding them and using footnotes/endnotes instead (mixing notes with the bibliography interferes with Google Scholar's and other automated systems' ability to accurately parse bibliographic data and track citations).
  • I'm just trying to create a bibliography using JAMA style--this is the first lengthy bib I've created since giving up Endnotes. I suppose I can import to Zotero, but eventually it will create multiple "trash" references. All of the help files I can see on Zotero websites seem to display a toolbar that looks very different from what I have available--my only options are "Add/Edit Citation" "Add/Edit Bibliography" "Document Prefs" "Refresh" and "Unlink Citations". The Zotero help documentation suggests that there are other options I should be seeing that allow me to create notes.
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