Mistake of reference style of "Journal of the american chemical society"

Current reference style of "Journal of the american chemical society" includes doi part, which is not asked by the author guide and doesn't show in any published paper on jacs.

I check the .csl file and fail to find any access to the doi part.

So I'm here to ask what's wrong with this stuff or how can I change current style manually.
  • See this announcement by ACS: https://axial.acs.org/2018/02/01/review-ready-submission/

    We're following guidelines provided by them.
  • Actually the announcement doesn't point out the requirement of the doi part, "You may provide references in any style, but they must be complete including titles.". Though "Journal-specific reference styles will be applied by the journal production team after the journal accepts a paper for publication.", as there is no doi part in published paper, why not removing it in the reference style?

    Anyway, I've managed to edit the style by changing the parent style. Thanks to https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/318532#Comment_318532

    Thank you for the quick reply!
  • The announcement doesn't specify DOI either way, but turns out some ACS journals actively ask for it and it generally facilitates the editorial workflow (and doesn't hurt)
  • Yeah, that makes sense.

    Thank you.
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