Public access to attachments

This discussion was created from comments split from: Can other people see my attachments from the website?.
  • And can other people access my attachments from the Zotero *app*?
  • My answer above is 10 years old. None of it still applies. Could you say what you are trying to do?
  • OK, sorry, let me try again: if I upload an attachment to a (public) item in my library, the visitors of the who are NOT signed in can see that the attachment is there but cannot download it.

    I wonder what happens to the signed-in users (other than me) who look at this item either at or at the Zotero standalone application. Unfortunately I failed to extract this information from the Zotero documentation.

    Let me give a specific example: once you are logged in, can you download the attachment from , either from or from the standalone application?

    Many thanks in advance, Artur

  • You cannot upload any attachments to the public group. Attachments are allowed only in private groups.
  • This is a public personal library, though, so in that case:
    1. No, other users cannot access your attachments* and
    2. There is no way other people can access your library through the app. You can't sync with someone else's account. You'd have to use groups for that

    * the only exception to this is the My Publications feature.
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