Missing "In" if no editors (Unified style sheet for linguistics)

edited January 1, 2019
When no editors are included in a book section or conference paper entry, the title of the book is not preceded by "In", for the Unified style sheet for linguistics.

For all other styles, I see "In" either used or not used consistently in the Style Preview window, so it doesn't seem to be general practice to omit "In" if there are no editors. (As for Linguistics there is no specific guideline I am aware of one way or the other, but the general assumption is that the style should inherit traditional usage from other major styles like APA.)

The reason this is happening is that "In" is being added in the container-contributors macro and therefore skipped over if there are none. It is simple to fix conceptually, but I'm not sure of best practice to add it. (The Unified style sheet for linguistics is arranged in a sort of strange hierarchical way, and it works, though it could be re-organized to be easier to correct/modify.)

Any suggestions would be great. I might try adding a "container" macro as in APA, but I wouldn't want to overcomplicate this style if not necessary.


Here's an example of the incorrect citation form:
Andersen, Vilhelm. 1894. Sammenfald og Berøring: Et bidrag til Dansk Betydningslære. Festskrift til Vilhelm Thomsen fra disciple, udgivet i anledning af hans femogtyveårige doktorjubliaeum, 23 marts 1869-23 marts 1894, 258–308. København: Gyldendalske Boghandels Forlag.

Correction: add the word "In" before the book title ['Festskrift...'].

This obviously occurs very rarely for chapters in edited volumes (hence the unusual 1894 Danish reference above, the first one I found in my library*), but I think I've seen it somewhat more often for conference proceedings papers.

*By the way, is there any easy way in Zotero's advanced search to look for entries that have editors vs. authors (e.g., book sections without editors listed)?
  • Yes, I agree that should be fixed. Not having looked at the style, moving the "in" into a separate macro is probably the easiest thing to do. PR welcome.

    (And no on the btw -- it's not possible to search for creators by type).
  • Bump, if you don't mind: I'm not quite sure of the logic on how to implement this.
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