Zotero not allowing footnote font change in Word

I've got the latest version of Word for Mac (16.20), Zotero, and the Zotero Word plugin.

When I add a footnote citation with the Zotero add-in the footnote is put in the default Word font of Calibri.

However, when I change the 'normal' style or the 'footnote text' style to a different font using 'styles', the footnote remains in the default calibri font. It won't change, although the footnote reference number does change.

I end up with two different fonts in my document: body and footnotes.

If I insert footnotes manually, not using the Zotero citation add-in I don't have this problem. I can alter the styles of both.
  • I've created an issue to track this bug, but I don't expect a fix in the immediate future. Note that you shouldn't clear the formatting of citations in footnotes to make them adhere to Word styles, as that removes any other formatting that's part of the style guide, such as italics, bold, etc.
  • Surely, a significant issue, right? Given the number of people using Zotero who will need to submit properly formatted papers, thesis, or articles in Word.
  • There is one work around. So long as the 'normal style' is set with the typeface of one's choosing from the time the document is first opened, then the footnotes will follow that new 'normal' style.

    But you have to make sure you make the right font choice at the start. As once the first reference has been inserted by Zotero, from that point on the footnote font cannot be altered in 'styles'.
  • To put it into perspective this issue is present in Word for Mac 2008 and this is the first time it got reported. The fix is very much non-trivial due to the difficulty of inserting any kind of rich text into Word via available APIs to begin with.
  • I'm having the same difficulty in Word for windows (windows 10)
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