Zotero keeps producing errors and requiring restarts

Hi, I have reported the error, ID: 717757530. Not sure what is happening, I am just trying to edit details of a reference and it freezes and asks me to restart. Would appreciate some insight into how to rectify this issue?
  • [JavaScript Error: "Error: 'fieldMode' cannot be 1 with 'firstName' property" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/data/creators.js" line: 187}]
    Check your database integrity from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences.

    If that passes, can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for an operation that causes this?
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    Thanks for your prompt response. I have completed a database integrity check and have generated a debug ID D706945682.
    The error did not come up the same (requiring me to restart Zotero) however when undertaking the same actions it continues to take a significant amount of time for (what I think should be) quite simple tasks.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Still having the same issues with almost all actions taking an unusual amount of time, almost always seeing the Mac timer mouse icon indicating that it is trying to process the last command. Any assistance would be gratefully received.
  • There's a huge amount of output in there from Better BibTeX. Start by trying with that disabled.
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    Thanks for that. After disabling and confirming Better Bibtex was the issue, I re-enabled Better Bibtex and changed Automatic export on from the default: On Change to "When Idle" in preferences. It seems to have resolved the issue. Appreciate the assistance!
  • Wait, can I get a copy of those logs? If BBT is causing zotero errors I'd like to get a chance to fix it.
  • I no longer have these logs, but not sure if dstillman is able to provide them to you?
  • Or can you restart with logging enabled and send a bbt error report?
  • Sure! I am not 100% sure if this is what you are after - this is the debug output file. https://goo.gl/EVML86
    It froze when I was trying to view the file and I had to force quit Zotero, but I think there should be enough information in there. Let me know if you want me to provide any other information.
  • Out of the 2500 or so lines in that log, only some 90 were from BBT activity. I also don't see any errors in that log.

    Rather than trying to view the log (which is pretty heavy on Zotero), is it possible to submit a debug log from the Help menu using "Report Better BIbTeX errors"? Or does that not work?
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    Oh yep, sorry, didn't see that option. The log ID is 3C3I76GC-apse
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    Super. No errors, but some indication that you have large auto-exports going, is that possible? Since export are synchronous, if they're kicked off during startup, that could keep Zotero busy at a critical time, which would throw up popups whether you'd want to wait it out. Is that a plausible scenario? Usually auto-exports should not kick off during startup, but it's something I could look into.

    If you re-enable "on change", restart with logging enabled, do you get errors? If so, could you submit a log for that again?
  • @dstillman would it be OK for me to get a copy of those logs? I'm really keen to get this sorted, and I still have a few days of leave left which gives me a bit of time to work on this.
  • @dstillman thanks; in that log I see that BBT is very chatty, but I don't see anything that would affect startup. The "errors" in the log are not actually errors -- in the previous BBT version I reported BBT log output that came too long after a item change as a potential error, a left-over from when I tried to suss out performance issues (which turned out to be something else entirely); BBT 5.1.36 released a few days ago reverts to the normal (still chatty) debug logging without "error-upgrading" this way, so that should give a better view of the state of things.

    @anneleis, could you re-enable "On Change", restart with debug logging enabled from the Help menu, and then after it restarted send a BBT error report? Maybe there's something in the earlier logging that can help find the problem.
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