Zotero fields cannot be inserted here error in word and Google Docs

I am trying to use my Zotero in Google Docs and in word. On each application I keep getting the "Zotero fields cannot be inserted here" when I try to insert a citation. Any idea on how to fix? I just re downloaded the program today.
  • Are you trying to insert a citation into an area other than the main document text, such as a table or caption or text box or footnote?
  • You cannot insert citations in Google Docs within links. In Word I don't think there's any condition that would trigger this error at the moment, unless you have not updated the plugin in a while (Zotero Preferences -> Cite -> Word Processors).
  • I am having this same problem in Google Docs, and I am not trying to insert the citation within links. If I refresh the Google Doc, I can add only one citation with Zotero. After adding one citation, I repeatedly get the "Zotero fields cannot be inserted here error."
  • Does it work well in a new document? Does it work if you refresh the browser tab with the document?
  • If I create a new document, I have the same issue. I can enter one citation, but then get the "Zotero fields cannot be inserted here" error when I try to insert a new one. If I refresh either the new document or the original document I was trying to use Zotero in, the same thing happens: I can add one citation, but then get the error again when I try to add another citation. I really don't want to have to refresh the document every single time I want to add a citation :/ Also of note is that I am only getting this issue when I use Chrome as my browser; if I use Firefox there is no problem.
  • Do you have other browser extensions that modify Google Docs? Have you tried disabling any of those?
  • OK, that seemed to work. It would be great if the zotero add in played nicely with other browser extensions though...
  • Which extension was the problem? And did you make sure the re-enabling that actually re-introduced the problem?
  • It looks like it was the Paperpile extension, which makes sense (I was using that before I found out about the Zotero extension!). What's weird though is that Zotero was working with the Paperpile extension on for about a week, so I'm not sure what changed.
  • I had the same issue, but it appears my problem was trying to insert a Zotero citation after a footnote I added manually. Looks like mixing and matching doesn't work super well (at least in Google Docs on Chrome)...
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