Taxonomy of Styles at the Repository

The big long list of styles at the repository is useful if you know exactly the journal you want to write for, but I imagine for most users, some sorting option would be very handy.

At a basic level, filtering numeric or in-text citations would reduce search times.

Any other filtering would be very useful for finding the right, or closest style to what you want. More minor options, such as "title in text", number of authors before etc. would be great. Issues that are not clear through the preview pop-up would be particularly helpful, e.g. "given name disambiguation" (see, year-suffix and sorting rules (

This could become a kind of taxonomy of styles, and would help identify options for people easily.

Ideally I'm envisaging something almost like the "easy style generator", but to sort existing styles. This would be much easier to do than generating a new style, verify, then importing it.
If a style doesn't yet exist, this will quickly become clear, and instructions could easily be provided at dead ends for requesting a style or modifying the nearest existing one.

Any thoughts?
Would this be very hard to do? Even just to start the ball rolling with
numeric vs. author-date ?
  • Makes sense, we'v discussed it before, and no, it's not hard to do. Ideally , if a user sidn't find a sryle , they could click on a "create new sttle based on" link and go to a nice wizard interface ro get their new style.x
  • Yes, noksagt, your suggestion of Oct 19th 2008 is very much what I had in mind, to make identifying the closest matching style as easy as possible.

    The bdarcus full web app suggestion would be ideal!
    Dan also mentioned the development of a web application - is this the same as your CSL gallery?
    Any progress? What is needed?

    In the mean time, could a basic filter be added, as it sounds like most styles are already tagged and ready to sort?!
  • Even a simple filter would be great. Simple stuff like hiding all the styles without "et al." in them could really help.
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