Zotero.Cite.System.retrieveItem called on non-item 1983

Hi, I'm working on a Word (16.16.3) document with many citations (Nature style) and a bibliography.
While at home, I cleaned up some duplicates by merging items. Now that I'm back at work working on the paper, when I try to edit/insert citations/refresh, I get the following error: `Zotero experienced an error updating your document. Zotero.Cite.System.retrieveItem called on non-item 1983`

I suspect Zotero is calling on an item that has been merged and therefore cannot find it. How can I find out which item(s) are affected (I have hundreds of citations) so I can fix the error?
  • I have no idea how, but the problem was resolved by changing the document preferences from Nature format to APA format and then back again to Nature format.
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