Error when trying to edit a citation in a Google Doc

I created a couple of Zotero citations in a GoogleDoc which worked fine. Editing a citation did not. The error message:

Selected field RmF0Ch not returned from Docs backend"

  • Did you receive any errors before getting this message? Can you edit other citations? If you reinsert this citation does it start working?
  • I Did you receive any errors before getting this message?
    No: Adding citations / bibliography worked fine.

    ICan you edit other citations?
    Strange. Things work now, meaning that I can edit a new citation and the old citations that previously caused the error...
  • Please post if you manage to reproduce this error consistently
  • I'm having a similar issue:

    I get the same error message as above for the most recent citation if I try to edit it with Zotero.

    I can still edit other citations, and reinserting the citation still results in the error message when attempting to edit. However, if I add another citation, the previous citation no longer gives an error message, but the new one does. Refreshing the page also allows me to edit the most recent citation.
  • @rachaelgarcia Try restarting your browser. Does it work in a new document?
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