Importing references on a webpage

This discussion was created from comments split from: right click in Chrome doesn't 'Save to Zotero'.
  • I´ve been trying to use the right click function in Firefox.
    I have a reference written in a page and would like to select it and import to Zotero but it doesn't work! So I need to manually import this to Zotero.
    Please fix it!!
  • @leoacs: Could you explain exactly what you're trying to do? As I explain above, you don't need to use the right-click menu to save things to Zotero.
  • There is a reference cited as a text in a web page. I want to select it and them using the right click to save it to Zotero. It seems that this function isn´t working.

    Example try to do your self selecting the text below:

    Dunn, P.J., Peacor, D.R., Criddle, A.J., Finkelman, R.B. (1986) Laphamite, an arsenic selenide analogue of orpiment, from burning anthracite deposits in Pennsylvania. Mineralogical Magazine: 50: 279-282.
  • That's not a feature Zotero has ever had, and it's not related to the right-click options the other thread was about. Zotero can import data from websites with embedded metadata, but it can't import plain-text references like that.

    Your best option in cases like that is just to paste the title into Google, click through to the article page (in this case the page), and save to Zotero from there using the normal "Save to Zotero" button.

    If you have a document with many references, see Imported Formatted Bibliographies.
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