Author abbreviation

I am using the Harvard referencing style. I am citing some authors with long names (such as government departments of different countries, international agencies etc.) and would like to use an acronym for the in-text citation and the long version in the bibliography. How can I do this? Many thanks.
  • The way I do this sort of thing is to put the short name in the Author field, and then put the full name in the Publisher field. This will display both the long and short names in the bibliography for most styles.
  • Great ! That sounds a nice simple way of dealing with it. Thank you very much !
  • What you were originally asking for -- which is a requirement for some citation styles, so good question -- isn't currently possible in Zotero though.
  • Thank you for your reply, although I find it quite surprising that something like this is not yet available in Zotero, especially considering the discussions on this issue going back several years already...
  • I would like to second Hanna's request that this be implemented in the main Zotero fork. Frank Bennett has already made it work for Juris-M, so it's been proven feasible. Additionally, as @adamsmith notes, it is a requirement for some styles, so that would seem to make it a priority. And a brief search shows that this has been a requested feature at least as far back as 2011, so there's a demonstrated need.

    (This also makes me think it might be nice to have a polling feature in the forums via which registered users could upvote requested features or bug reports)
  • I third Hannah's comment.
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