Deleting parentheses from Citations in Word

The Zotero plug-in for Word allows me to add citations that come in brackets like "(Author, Year)". I would like to have the citation without parentheses to display in a table for a review article like this: "Author, Year | Comment". I can do this by manually deleting the parenthesis in Word - with the result that the citation will no longer update automatically. Is this the only "official" way to do as recommended here?
Thank you
  • I would recommend you put the table in a different document and set a different citation style for that document. Here is an example style you might use for that purpose:

    It’s not possible to have multiple different citation styles going at once in a document.
  • Thank you, I didn't realize this might be an option. I probably first have to finish my document using citations with parentheses, save a copy, change style in the copy and replace the table in the original document. If I don't have all the identical citations in the second document, they might not get properly named. But still, this is probably much better than having invalidated citations that do not update anymore.
  • That sounds like a good idea.
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