View Citation Collection / Location in Zotero

Is it possible to see which collection (or folder) a citation is stored? I sometimes find duplicate entries, but don't know which one to delete, because one is a specific collection, whereas another may be located in the main 'My Library' collection.
  • @cwadeross: But also not that, if you have duplicate items, you're usually better off merging them — using the Duplicate Items view or selecting both and using right-click → Merge Items — than deleting. That will keep the remaining item in all collection that any of them were in and will preserve links to any of the items from word processor documents.
  • Thanks for the link. I don't like the merge function, because it's not clear which copy is retained. I often get erroneous or incomplete citations (missing publication date or author names) form certain websites, which I then add manually using a DOI. Merging these duplicates often keeps the erroneous reference.
  • OK. For what it's worth, note that when merging you can choose a master version to use as the base, and also override or suppress individual fields.

    If you haven't used the invalid version anywhere, there's no harm in deleting it, but if it's in collections or you've cited it, merging would almost certainly be easier.
  • When searching for items an additional list, in which collections a certain item is and a link to get to the item inside the collection would be great.
    Pressing a key to highlight the relevant collections is good. But a separate location list would be a great help.

  • Adding a collections tab to the right pane is generally planned.
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