can not drag anything into zotero

the most convenient way to import pdf.etc. can not use now, only a prohibiting icon wherever you put it in(normally it will allow you to drop and became arrow)when trying to drag and drop, what should I do, my friends.
  • Are you trying to drag items into My Library or a Group Library?
  • @bwiernik I tried everywhere in Zotero interface.
  • Can you please submit an Error Report from the Help menu and post the ID here?

    Also, start Debug logging from the Help menu, try to drag a file into Zotero, submit the log, and post that ID as well.
  • Error Report :1957522143
    Debug ID: D951240708
  • actually, there is 0 log when I just drag and drop, it seems like no interaction happened
  • Where are you dragging from?
  • @dstillman drag pdf from desktop other file
  • Restart your computer and try again to drag into My Library.
  • Did you try restarting your computer as per dstillman?
  • Does it happen if you disable ZotFile?

    And to be clear, does this happen if you drag a PDF from your desktop — not from a browser or another application — onto My Library in the left pane in Zotero?
  • disable not help, yes from desktop to My library, since I install duet display on my PC, Zotero can't display, solved by disabling discrete graphics card(duet conflict to Nvidia driver), then another problem emerged,which you can't drag
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