[Zotero Connector] Notification message of import status

Hi: Is there any way I can have Zotero Connector return a notification message, of import status e.g. 10 records added successfully? Ideally the notification mesage would use Firefox notification that passes thru the OSX notification system. Thankyou
  • When you save, the Zotero Connector shows a popup in the top-right corner of the webpage, and you can see the save progress there.

    We don't use the built-in notification system because 1) the save popup also lets you choose the collection to save and add tags to items, which wouldn't be possible with native notifications, 2) native notifications are extremely limited in text length, so they would cut off titles and wouldn't let us show child attachment progress, and 3) native notifications make a sound by default, which would be incredibly annoying every time you save.
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    my experience so far is mainly with the proquest ebook central translator

    The popup is not a status check it is done. It is showing me it is doing it, and then sometimes it just closes. then I navigate to the Zotero App and the records are not there. Then I wait, more than a minute and the records are there in Zotero App.

    The popup has disappeared and often I dont have the reords in Zotero App. No error message recieved. So I redo it and this time it works.

    So its feeling like zotero connector requires hand-holding to be able to trust it.
  • The popup is a progress window. When an item's title appears in the popup, it's saved to Zotero. If you don't see a title, the item wasn't saved. Attachments can show in gray until they're successfully saved.

    If that's not working for you, that's the thing to report. We'd need a Debug ID from the connector for a save attempt, along with an exact description of the problem.

    As I noted in your other thread, your cookie settings may be interfering with saving, in which case either you'll get an error in the save popup or in some cases it may just close without showing the title. We'd like to improve the latter, but there are some technical issues preventing us from showing better feedback in all cases at the moment.
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