Context menu can be painfully slow

I'm organizing my library and using Zotfile to store things. So my work flow these days is:

Scan a document as a pdf
Link to the document from the corresponding reference in Zotero by using right-click > Add attachment > Attach Link to File ... and then selecting the document pdf file
Right-click > Manage Attachments > Rename Attachments

This requires the reference's context menu to appear twice, once to link to the document file and once to store it by using Zotfile's Rename Attachments facility. The context menu seems to come up quickly, at a normal pace, the first time (to do the linking), but it can be painfully slow the second time (to use Manage Attachments). It's so slow that, for example, I can go downstairs and microwave a cup of tea for two minutes, come back up, and find the context menu is still hiding. What's strange is that in both cases it's the same context menu, but the second appearance can take [what seems like] forever.

Any idea about what's going on and how to fix this?
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