x-callback-url: enhancement request

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I have been using Evernote for note-taking of webpages that I annotate. I then copy a URI link and attach that to the reference of the webpage in Zotero standalone.
I want to swap to Bear writer, which uses `x-callback-url` to link to notes. However, this does not work in Zotero as expected. What does work, is if I write a note within Zotero, and then enter a link, I can open the corresponding note in Bear writer.
Not sure if this is of interest to anyone else, but I think it would be great to have this implemented in Zotero. Is this something that is able/easy to be implemented?
  • What do the Bear writer URIs look like? Can you post an example?
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    Sure can. This is what the Bear one looks like:


    And this is what the Evernote 'classic note link' (links to note on desktop instead of web) looks like:


    The latter works, but the former does not. I hope that helps.

  • It should be possible to add support for bear
  • That would truly be appreciated! Please let me if you would like me to test anything. Thanks again.
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