Issue with captures from Twitter

I have an issue with Zotero (5.0.48) using Firefox (60.0.1) connector. When capturing from Twitter, the snapshot is empty Note, if I use 'Save to Zotero (Web Page with Snapshot' it is fine, though that is a slightly annoying workaround as I need to edit metadata afterwards. Is this a known error? Appears I'm not alone
  • I have the same issue with Zotero 5.0.52 and Chrome on Windows 10. I'm not 100% sure the Twitter snapshot is completely empty as it seems to be continually trying to load something, though the result is a blank white page.

    As an additional workaround to avoid having to re-type metadata, you can do both "Save to Zotero (Web Page with Snapshot)" AND "Save to Zotero (Twitter)". Then, in your Zotero client, delete the snapshot from the Twitter version, move the good snapshot across from the web snapshot version, and delete the now-hollowed out shell of the web version.
  • An even faster workflow than jim’s Would be to just merge the two items (if you save as Twitter first it will be the default selected version).
  • Report ID: 1090677584

    Having the same issue using Firefox ESR (52.9.0 (64-bit)) on Linux. If you try and view the snapshop normally it looks like something is trying to load on a white page but opening the html file for the snapshot shows that it is just a tiny redirect file. This is the body content of mine


    document.cookie = "app_shell_visited=1;path=/;max-age=5";



    Using the connector on Chromium (68.0.3440.75 (Developer Build) built on Debian 9.5, running on Debian 9.4 (64-bit)) produces the expected actual html snapshot along with all the other accompanying files in the snapshot directory. Happy to help debug this if you need more info or to prod on an affected machine.
  • Here same problem. Any solution or workaround?
  • @lupa18: Make sure you have the latest version of Zotero. The problem of blank snapshots from Twitter was fixed in 5.0.56.

    If you're still seeing it, we'd want to see a Debug ID from Zotero for a save attempt that produces an empty snapshot.
  • thanks @dstillman !!

    I realized I wasn't logged in twitter: after I got logged in, then snapshots work well.
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