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edited May 22, 2018
in the italian version of zotero there is an "object type" called "paragrafo di libro" which should probably changed into "capitolo di libro" as it is used for miscellaneous books (many authors, one ore more editors)

for this object type it could be useful to have not only the author(s) field but also a field for the editor(s) ("curatore" in italian); and to have zotero searching for both these types of data.

actually zotero collects the data for autors but not for editors, for this object
  • For the second question, see https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/edited_volumes_and_book_chapters

    Zotero already does this.
  • it is matter of localization.
    i have strong doubts that the appropriate italian translation for "book section" be "paragrafo di libro": in italian paragrafo is a subsection of a chapter.
    i think it is better "capitolo di libro" as translation of "book section" because the only autonomously citable part of a book is in italian a "capitolo".
    and there is no problem to extend the concept of "capitolo" to a preface or to an introduction.
  • I understood. I'm just not the right person to address this. I was responding to the second part of your question. The item type in Zotero already allows you to add editors.
  • Have you considered joining the Italian localization team for Zotero?

  • hi,
    i cannot enter that page, it requires a login which i don't have.
    probably better an email address to get int touch with them?
  • @m.lana They we’re inviting you to sign up to join the Italian translation team for Zotero to make these changes. The translation of Zotero is done by the community of Zotero users. You can sign up and directly suggest the change yourself. This is the best way for these changes to be made.
  • done. let's see what happens.
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