sharing a word file that has zotero-linked cites and bib in it

What is the best practice for sending a microsoft word file that has zotero-linked cites and bib in it to a copyeditor for corrections? My concern is not disturbing the links but incorporating the copy editors input. the comments function in word might be best for him to use without trying to edit the cites or bib, but will he be able to see the greyed out text if he does not have zotero installed? Etc. General instructions for this welcome.

windows 7, microsoft office professional 7, zotero 5.0.47, firefox connector 5.0.38. thank you,

  • They'll see the grey fields, yes. I'd send it with a request to not edit anything that's a citation (ideally they'd turn on field shading in Word: while copyediting)
  • Thank you so much -- I hope you make this discussion public as other must have this issue too.
  • " I'd send it with a request to not edit anything that's a citation (ideally they'd turn on field shading in Word:"

    As a copyeditor, I'll have to note a huge problem with this advice: citations often need editing, both because your Zotero setup may not exactly correspond to the requirements of a publisher or journal, and because there are other problems with the footnote. If I cannot copyedit your notes, then I'll have to spend a huge amount of time typing in directions for you to do so. That's really not a good idea.
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    @verso2 This advice is for collaborating with co-authors/supervisors/etc. The best practice when sending to copyeditors/publishers is to always use the Unlink Citations function and send a clean copy, particularly to avoid Field Codes accidentally being displayed.
  • well, the above was for a copyeditor, but the request was specifically to keep citations and bibliography linked. That's not typical for copyediting -- where, as bwiernik says, you'd just send the unlinked document.
  • Thanks for the quick response! I did look around Zotero documentation but did not see, at least on a fairly quick view, directions for Zotero users on working with editors, etc. Since I keep getting linked documents, I'm a bit concerned. And what happens if, for example, I edit info that's in a field code--eg, in the current doc, the page numbers are not elided in the format the targeted journal requires? Do the edits disappear when the author reopens the edited doc?
  • Editing the field codes won't reliably work correctly (these would be overwritten when the authors reopen the doc).

    The simplest approach you can take would be to use Unlink Citations yourself to convert the citations to regular text, then make edits.

    If you want to keep the citations linked for the authors, there are three possible approaches:
    1. Change the style in the document to the specific one written for the journal available from You can do this without input from the author. This should correct all of the general formatting issues like page numbers. If a journal doesn't have a specific style, request it here, and it can usually be made very quickly.

    2. Copy the text of citations or bibliography entries that need to be changed into a Comment bubble and correct the formatting/text and request that authors make these corrections to the Zotero style/their Zotero data on resubmission.

    3. Make changes to the in-text citations manually and alert the authors that these have been made and should not be discarded if Zotero requests to do so. (Note that this only applies to in-text citations, not the Bibliography).
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