Search items black/grey

I should know this, but why, when I do a search, are some items presented black and others greyed-out? They all seem to contain the word I'm searching for.
  • grey items are not found by the search but include either a parent item (i.e. are attached to) or a child (i.e. have an attachment) that is found.
  • Really?? I'll check that but none of the parent items included the search term ('annular') and at least the pdf I checked, where the parent item was greyed, did ... hmmm.
  • I have a similar issue.

    I am seeing all my items in My Library, select one tag, see the items that have this tag, but then gradually Zotero is showing me more and more items that does not have this tag, and these items are grey.

    What does this mean?
  • @auster: Context rows — the matching items' parent, child, or sibling items that don't match the search — will be shown in gray.
  • Thanks for the clarification! By sibling items, do you mean related items?
  • Sibling items are items attached to the same parent item. So if a search finds a note attached to an item that also has an attached file, the attached file is the "sibling" of the found note and will be shown greyed out.
  • Thanks, adamsmith! This is very helpful.
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