Zotero can't sync to Box WebDAV

Please help! My report ID is 1052046214
I try to sync my documents in Zotero to Box WebDAV, that red button on the right upper corner reminds me of this" An error occurred during syncing: A file upload failed due to insufficient space on the WebDAV server."
I go to box.com to check my account, it shows that "940.4 MB/10.0 GB", so I really don't know what happened on my Zotero or Box.com.

BTW, Papership on my iPad can't work as well, I go to "Zotero File Hosting" and enter the URL Username and Password, it appears "Cannot Verify Server: please check your server credentials(Excepted status code in (200-299).got 404)"

Anyone can help me? Thanks
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