Papership and online library are not syncing

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Dear all,
Please help. I'm using Papership app on my iPad to review and select literature for the research. While Papership keeps all of the changes I made in it even after several days or weeks, my online library in Zotero profile does not reflect the latest changes in Papership. The last change that was adopted by Zotero online is dated 15.09 and these changes were made in Papership. Since then they just failed to sync. I have messaged Papership regarding this, but I do not believe it is the app problem. The app shows the conflicts within database, however Zotero (I think) does not accept the changes made in the app. I have Juris M (former MLZ Zotero), which I currently, cannot use as a standalone or in Firefox browser due to a technical problem with my laptop which is being fixed. So the question is: how to make sure that Papership app on the iPad is syncing properly with Zotero online library?
Thank you in advance,
Looking forward to any tips.
  • If changes you make via PaperShip don't sync to Zotero's online lib, this would certainly seem to be a problem in the app. If that is due to a bug in Zotero (which is certainly possible), they should (and will) report this to Zotero, but only they have the required information to do so effectively.
  • Ok, thank you. I hope it is fixed soon,
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    Is there at conclusion on he topic apart from waiting ?
  • No, Papership did not reply any of my messages (3 in total - completely ignored). I'm no longer using the app since I lost all of my work done in it. A pity. Papership could have been a solution to many issues.
  • same answer -- the Zotero API, which PaperShip uses, is for all we know working correctly so a failure to sync with the app is very likely a problem with PaperShip and should be reported to (and followed up with) them.
    If this is after all a problem with Zotero, the PaperShip developers know how and where to report that.
  • The problem with PaperShip is that no one is responding to messages. So basically, it's a dead end issue.
  • Odd, I thought they were doing fine on support. Maybe try twitter? That sometimes gets people's attention. They last posted yesterday, so they do pay attention at least.
  • I don't think it makes sense anymore, I simply won't be using their app in the future. But thank you, zotero, for being prompt and active on your forum!
  • Same issue. No response from Papership. I'm going to try Twitter.
  • Why can't Zotero just make an IOS app?
  • Papership appears to have essentially been abandoned. No update to the iOS app since June 2016. Papership twitter account inactive since May 2016 with exception of one re-tweet Sept 2016. Twitter discussion confined to several people wondering if bugs will ever be fixed. Shazino twitter account account inactive since July 2016. since:2017-1-1&src=typd&lang=en

    Zotero is such a stupendous piece of software with a great development and support team. Would love to see them takeover Papership. It has a few critical sync bugs that keep it from being reliable, and some less critical deficiencies in annotations.
  • Found this out recently as well, unfortunately. It appears Papership is abandoned/dead. I emailed their support over a month ago asking about setting up Box (Papership asks for a Box username, but the website uses email and gives no username) and never received an answer.

    I second the idea of Zotero taking over Papership or, even better, developing a native iOS app (once Zotero 5 is out, of course).
  • Frankly speaking, I really need a good Zotero for iOS.
  • Zotfile works fairly well for reading and annotating PDFs. The mobile site is fairly functional as well. Certainly a native app would be welcome.
  • (I think we're looking at a much improved site --mobile&otherwise--pretty soon)
  • ZotPad is much better than PaperShip! PaperShip does not import all of Zotero's and I see no child or standalone notes. If anything Zotero should work on that app and bring it up to date so I don't have to run an old iOS to keep it running.
  • Zotero mobil site is pretty good. But how can I retrieve attachment stored in Webdav server from the zotero website?
  • You can't at this time, sorry.
  • Note I think that ZotPad does not have a built-in ability to do PDF annotation, so you need to export to your own annotation software and then remember export back. This is much less convenient than the workflow in PaperShip, where you can make small annotations easily.
  • ZotPad is no longer updated and no longer works with current versions of iOS. PaperShip also appears to be abandoned by its developers and as you can see with this thread, now doesn't sync correctly.

    Your best bet for mobile right now is to use ZotFile to send PDFs to a Dropbox folder or similar and retrieve after annotation.
  • crying in frustration with the death of zotpad - it was labyrinthine but it worked. i would pay many, many dollars for effective ipad integration. pleeeeeease help us zotero developers!
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    Another vote for Zotero for iOS. A fast mobile site would be fantastic as long as it allows:

    - to search by various fields as in the desktop
    - to create/view/sync saved searches
    - to copy footnote references as well as bibliographic references
    - to view a found item in the context of other items added at the same time ("show in library")

    Please put Zotero for iOS in your plan somewhere down the line, thanks!
  • I would also love a native zotero app for iPad. I don't care so much about PDF annotation as I keep my pdfs in Dropbox. However, for me zotero is the central place to store my notes and I really want to edit them from my iPad. It works on the mobile site but is a little tedious there - not as easy to format as on the desktop client
  • Was just very happy that I could work on my Ipad for a 8 month work on reading papers and taking notes, and after paying the 11 dollars just saw that the test file was not uploading to Zotero. Any way of getting the money back or at least another possibility of working on my Ipad and connected to Zotero cloud?
    Thank you Zotero team for the great work.
    Great Hug,
  • Are you talking about payment to Papership? You will need to contact them about that.

    You can use the online library on your iPad, as well as the Zotfile Zotero plugin to send PDFs back and forth from your tablet.
  • Any movement on these fronts? I too am stuck with a non-functioning Papership, desperately wanting an iOS app that supports the same functionality...
  • PaperShip appears to be abandoned. My post above still stands.
  • Likewise, papership appears buggy and abandoned
  • I saw that Papership got an update about a week ago: 'bug fixes' I think. I haven't tested it since then. Has anyone else checked to see if it working again?
  • working for me as of now.
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