Zotero Keeps Crashing my Word 2010

I really have no idea how to even look for answers to this. The report function sent me here. The error code is: 212903245

Basically, every so often Zotero just decides to crash all my word windows when I try to insert a citation. It happens reliably every few days, and usually after I had not been just typing in the document, but I haven't figured out any pattern beyond that. Usually restarting Zotero and Word fixes this, but it's starting to hamper my workflow. Any ideas are appreciated.

  • Next time this happens could you try reopening Word and seeing if you insert/edit in the same location that you did just before the crash, whether that triggers it again?
  • It did happen a few times yesterday, even when I re-opened the same document.

    One note though: One consistent feature seems to be that I have multiple word windows open that all have Zotero citations in them. Just now, I opened up a brand new document, wrote a paragraph, tried to insert the first citation, and got a crash.

    I did, however, resume a session from hibernation in which I had two other documents open that also had citations. I'm beginning to think it has something to do with that, but I really need the functionality of having several documents open.
  • How reliable is this observation about multiple windows? Do you ever get crashing with only one Word window open?
  • I'm about 80% sure I've not seen it happen with only one window open. I haven't found out a reliable procedure to generate a crash with multiple windows though, either.

    I should note I also use the windows 10 multi-desktop mode and sometimes shuffle both zotero and word windows around from desktop to desktop. It often happens that I open my computer from some state that had zotero and some word windows (with zotero references) open, then I select one of the word windows, create a new document, pull it and zotero over to a new desktop, and when I try to put the first reference in all of word crashes (though sometimes not zotero). Doesn't happen every time, and I don't think it's the only way. I think I've been editing a document before, changed around what was in focus, went back to that window and got a crash when I tried to insert the next citaiton.

    I should also mention that at one point I important a whole bunch of Mendelay citation records into zotero. It has around 1600 entries at the moment.
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