Juris-M : questions about import translators and MODS export

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My use-case: I primarily use Zotero as a MODS translator and not to facilitate manuscript preparation. I am very interested in multi-lingual Zotero [Juris-M] as a means of getting to multi-lingual MODS format files. I import the MODS format files into my SafetyLit database. I am writing in this Zotero forum because other readers might be interested in knowing more about Juris-M's import/export capabilities.

It appears that MODS has the capacity to hold multi-language metadata. Can Juris-M export its records to multiple language MODS format?

These are questions about journal websites and databases (CiNii, J-Stage, Sci-ELO, etc.) as much as about Juris-M itself. How much of the multi-language titles, English & non-Roman author names, etc. are available for import from these sites? (From what I can tell, the sites' pages are language-specific and metadata downloads seem specific to the web-page language.) Are there Juris-M- specific translators that will gather multi-language metadata other than the CiNii example in F.G. Bennett's book (p22)? In other words, to properly populate the multi-language fields available in Juris-M, how much will involve hand entry? My reading of pages 39-40 suggests that I may need to do some translator work myself.

Thank you.
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    The MODS translator for Juris-M is meant to handle multilingual variants. There are projects that rely on it, so if you try it and find issues, please let me know.

    CiNII ships RDF for their items (you can examine it by appending '/rdf' to an item URL). Unfortunately, though, CiNII make no effort to curate their content, and from a multilingual standpoint the quality of their metadata is so low as to make it nearly useless---which is a shame, given the investments they have made in the multilingual delivery system. Juris-M will import what is there, but each item needs to be cleaned up manually after download.
  • Thank you. I'll provide comments on the MODS export as I find issues and problems.
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