Word 16.9.1 Add Bibliography Error

edited January 27, 2018

When I insert a bibliography in a document with Zotero and Word 16.9.1, the bibliography is inserting as plain text (not a Field) and is not modifying or applying the Bibliography Word style (the Bibliography inserts as the Normal style).

If I store citations using Bookmarks, rather than Fields, the Bibliography formats correctly.
  • I'm not seeing this with and 16.9.1 with APA and Fields. What style?
  • This was with APA.
  • Something I hadn't noticed before:
    The Zotero bibliography (which doesn't have correct paragraph formatting) is surrounded by the Bookmark brackets, rather than having the grey Field highlighting, when Fields is selected in Document Preferences. If I right-click on this text, I don't get the option to Update or Modify Fields. If I switch from Fields to Bookmarks, the existing text stays there unmodified (now without the Bookmark brackets) and a second bibliography is inserted (as a bookmark) with correct formatting.

    If I switch back to Fields, the second bibliography reverts to being unformatted text. Switching to Bookmarks again produces a third bibliography.
  • Is your build number 180125 @bwiernik?
  • Zotero build: d857a813b
    Word build: 180125
  • Oh, sorry, I didn't notice it before. Something is up with the way you're switching between versions. The Debug ID you provided from is running `Zotero Word for Mac Integration (3.5.14.r10158)`

    Can you fix this (you shouldn't need to use the reinstall button, just make sure that the loaded addin in Zotero is 5.0.11) and then report whether you still get the index error with the Beta?
  • Okay, I removed the add-on to make Zotero reinstall it. I will report in the other thread.
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