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edited January 18, 2018
I'm using the newest beta (5.0.35-beta.1+e3dee4dee) with Word for Mac 2016 15.41. I wanted to try out the new delay citation feature. I opened my dissertation Word file (it's an extreme example for Zotero and Word—742 pages, about 1000 Zotero citations, along with Word footnotes, captions, and cross-references).

In previous beta Zotero builds, I could select an existing citation and click Add/Edit Citation. It would take some time, but it would eventually open the Quick Format window. Now, my CPU clocks up to maximum, but the window never appears at all (after 10-15 minutes), and neither does the expected delayed citation message. If I click the Add/Edit Citation button a second time, the screen switches to the main Zotero window, but nothing else happens.

(Same behavior with trying to insert a new citation in this document.)

Would a report or deubg ID be helpful here?
  • Debug ID would definitely be useful. If Zotero is logging something constantly, some 10 seconds of output should be enough.

    If it is not, could you check in Activity Monitor which application is taking up all that CPU time? Does CPU usage stay maximised until restart?
  • Here it is after about 10 minutes (a backup and trash emptying happened in the mean time):

    It starts getFieldsAsync and never finishes.

    I’m suspecting it might be related to https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/69938/zotero-error-id-must-be-a-positive-integer
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    DUring this process, Word is using the most CPU time (around 24:00). Zotero is also relatively high (around 2:30).
  • Still not completed after about 30 minutes. This is much slower than before the refactor.
  • Finally completed just after that last message (with the positive integer id error)

    I closed the Debug Output window between this ID and the last one. But all the same attempt.
  • New beta out, should address the slow citation dialog. Thanks for reporting!
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    The slow citation dialog is still a problem in a very long document it seems: D755020450

    It is much faster in a shorter document: D1072220593
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